Art Journal – online class

Hope you are all doing great.

I am taking things slow just like every summer. The kids are on a summer break, the weather is super hot and I am spending most of my time at the beach and away from my craft room. I do have some scheduled videos though so my blog/youtube channel will not die completly during these couple of months… and I do want to film more…. but trust me the sea is so blue and refreshing….

I am happy to announce that I have an online class for Stamperia e-Academy! This is a website full of inspiration, if you are into mixed media and scrapbooking you have to check it out. I have an art journal class waiting for you there! You can learn more about it here or just watch the trailer below!



  1. Henriëtte said:

    Enjoy your well deserved break Vicky.
    Stay safe and enjoy!

    June 24, 2021
  2. Sharon F said:

    Relax, enjoy and refresh! Have a great vacation!

    June 25, 2021
  3. Debbie F said:

    Congrats on your spot/class with Stamperia! I’m having a serious debate within myself! On the one hand I want to support you and take the class; on the other hand, I’m doing what I can to put as much $ away as possible so that when/if you come to the U.S. I can (hopefully) join you for an in person class. I couldn’t find much information on the Stamperia site about some questions: how long will the class be available? And, if purchased, would I have unlimited access to it? I know you’re on vacation (enjoying the wonderful seaside and escaping some of the summer heat) so I don’t expect you to answer these questions. I’m just throwing out some random thoughts on this. And my main reason for jumping on to comment is to say: congratulations!! Enjoy the sea air/environment/water and refreshment it all has to offer!!

    June 26, 2021
    • Margaret said:

      I, too, am not finding much helpful information on the class. I would like to know more about the cost of class supplies before committing.

      June 27, 2021
  4. Maryann Sullivan said:

    Hi Vicky, Thank you for such a great class I really enjoyed this class even though I glued down the train before I membered to place the large clock behind it. I still loved how it tuned out. I look forward to more classes with you and would love more using the Voyages Fantastiques paper. Thanks Again

    July 18, 2021

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