Product Review – Vintage Patinas

Today I am back with a product review video. I have been playing with the new Vintage Patinas by Stamperia. In the video I am testing out different things to learn about the peroduct’s properties as well as sharing techniques on how to use them. You will also find a quick tutorial on how to use resin on molds.

You can enjoy the video below or at my YouTube channel



Turquoise Vintage Patina – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Rust Vintage Patina – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Dark Blue Vintage Patina – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Grey Vintage Patina – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
White Vintage Patina – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Fly High A4 Soft Mould – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Aircraft A4 Soft Mould – Stamperia
[ ACH | SSS ]
Alumilite Amazing Casting Resin


  1. Debbie F said:

    Oh, my. I think I’ve gone from curious, to tempted, to beyond tempted with these patinas!! They are really pretty; look like fun to use; and create an interesting effect. I have some waxes from a local craft store but they dry out quickly and I struggle with using them. These seem easier and hopefully (since they’re a paint) wouldn’t dry out anywhere near as quickly. I love the way your compass is coming out with so many layers. Thank you so much for the review. One question: from the video it looks like they leave a flat non-glossy type of finish. Is that right? Sort of like a regular matte paint finish? Thank you again, Vicky, for the more in depth look at this product. (By the way, I too know for sure that this resin sets up in the cup if one doesn’t work quick enough!!!!!!)

    May 12, 2022
  2. Henriëtte said:

    Great product review and tutorial Vicky.
    I love how the compass turned out and the bleu embossed background.
    Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

    May 14, 2022

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